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Christmas Cookies 2011… December 19, 2011

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Christmas Cookies 2011

Each year I bake up literally a TON of cookies to share at the office, with friends and family.  Two years ago I hit my record of 1260 cookies.  This year I almost doubled that hitting a grand total of 2000 cookies (22 varieties) for Christmas!  I started in late October, creating balls of cookie dough and freezing them in hopes of streamlining the baking process in December and it worked wonders!  I baked hundreds of cookies in just 3 evenings with this game plan and received rave reviews for my efforts.  It was so much fun!  Hmmm, how many should I aim for next year and what new and exciting delivery method will I come up with?  Time to start planning!

Stay tuned for a list of the types of cookies and recipes…