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Coupon Storage October 15, 2012

Are your coupons bulging from your purse, cupboards or drawers? 

Try this to tidy them up!

I started with a plain white tin which come in a variety of shapes and sizes from your local craft or office supply store.  I then applied some Making Memories craft paint, paper band with floral embellishment for an accent and a multitude of ribbons simply tied over the handle.  This now suits my kitchen counter quite well.  For the inside, simply use chipboard cut in the shape of a tabbed divider and painted to match the exterior of the can.  Create as many dividers as you need and ta-da!

My catagories range from favorite stores like Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Costco, Babies ‘R Us, Carters, Gymboree and Target to AMC theatres, my favorites spas (Elements and Mosaic) and even a Home Improvement section for the husband Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and Home Depot coupons. 

Now when I head to a store I can go right to the section I need and this makes filing the coupons I receive during the week a breeze!  Note – I used permanent marker to label my dividers so that I can simply apply some more brown paint and re-label them should I ever change my shopping habbits.  Have fun!