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The Perfect Storm of February 18, 2012 February 20, 2012

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This perfect storm began as many do…  quietly, creeping up on you when you least expect it.  Saturday morning was definitely the calm before the storm.  A lovely morning as every Saturday is – it’s Family Day.  David, Ethan and I spend our Saturday’s swimming, going out to lunch and shopping as needed. 

This Saturday started out a little different as we decided it was time our little man needed a hair cut.  But this was not just any hair cut… it was his FIRST hair cut.  I’ve been putting it off as long as possible as I was determined that his golden locks would never be cut – he was to be my lil surfer dude!  But in reality it was getting in his eyes, long and fuzzy around his ears and not to mention the tiny mullet he’d been working on in back.  

So my little hobbit went in for a trim.  I just knew that the second we trimmed his hair he would look so much older and no longer be a cutie little baby.  And it was partially true…  He is still of course our cutie little baby but he looked 8 years older instantly!  Ethan sat on my lap for his trim and I bawled the whole time.  But he is darling and looks so handsome with his fancy hair do!

After my emotional start to the day (causing slight winds and maybe a trickle of rain in the days “forecast”) we went about our Saturday routine.  After a long day of shopping and eating we made it back home a bit worse for wear.  David had some things to do around the house and was then heading out for guys night. 

And “the winds” started to pick up…  What I haven’t mentioned is that I’ve been battling some “chest pains” for weeks now.  All you nursing moms out there better know these chest pains as plugged ducts/mastisis etc…  I’ve had it all – ugh.  And the pain really set in late in the day.  Well right when David was getting ready to walk out the door he heard me shout in pain and came upstairs to find that while I was changing Ethan’s diaper he kicked me smack dab in my “chest” leaving me crying in pain.  “What happened up here?” he asked.  “Ethan kicked me right in my “chest” and now he is laughing about it!”  “Babe, he doesn’t know what he did…” David consoled me.  “I know that doesn’t make it hurt any less…” I sobbed.  But like us moms do I put a smile on our face and I bucked up laughing and playing with my little one.  So off David went to meet up with the guys. 

With Ethan now in his high chair I set about the task of making my dinner while I fed him his.  Slowly moving about the kitchen singing silly songs and dancing here and there I noticed Tyson (our min pin) slowly creeping into the kitchen which is against the rules.  In effort to practice my LoveandLogic I began the Uh-Oh song…  the “storm winds” are really kicking up now…  “Uh-oh, someone’s coming up on a little crate time… this is so saaadddd.”  As I bent over to gently hook Tysons collar so I could lead him to his crate I stepped on both of his front paws in my chunky soled slippers.  This tornado formed from a supercell thunderstorm for sure!  “Arr Arr arr…grr… snap!” Tyson screeched in pain and turned around quicker than I can fathom and BITE!  He laid into my pinky finger.  I must have jumped ten feet in the air and let out the screechiest of screams, instantly crying in pain. My my finger bled and bled, all the while little Ethan just watched his crazy mom from his high chair. 

The storm was full force now for sure.  I cried and cried.  Exasperated by the ongoing “chest pains,” realizing no matter how perfect of a mom I try to be something will knock me off the perverbial supermom pedastal I strive for and betrayed by my beloved best friend of a pooch…  I couldn’t take any more.  I gave Ethan bites of dinner while taking turns running my bleeding finger under the sink.  I tried calling David but he had a hard time hearing my ranting between sobs.  I was able to tell him though that he didn’t need to come home.  The dog bit me, but I would live.  I just needed to melt down and boy did I.  So what did I do after you ask?  Well as us moms do, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, put a smile on my face and bucked up.  An hour later I got my dinner in the oven…and in the mini crockpot of homemademackandcheeseandsliders for one, fed Ethan a bottle and finally sat down in the living room to watch a movie.  I deciced as I was trying desperately to eat my dinner, and that I prayed to come out of my stormy weather and that I love my little guy and my little misdirected canine unit that I should watch of course… 

Ahhh, Ethan fell asleep snuggled up on a blanket and realaxed to watch an entire movie without interruption.  And as all storms do, it came to an end.  Hallelujah!  Now, it’s time to prepare for the next… 

Woooshhh, was that wind I hear?  “Uh-oh…..”