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26.2: Ice Ice Baby April 16, 2013

26.2: Ice Ice Baby

No, not this…

…or is it?

What a great run I had today, It was cold mind you but I was well rested, hydrated, nourished and best of all motivated. In one week I will run Spring Dash, two weeks later, Bloomsday and before you know I’ll be posting my full marathon results. In all three races I have goals to PR (personal record) over my past race results. On my weekly long run this morning while using my trusty runtastic app I hit two PR’s with regard to distance and time on similar terrain which motiviated me even further. My husband was home with Ethan and tended to me on my pit stops by the house. I called him when I hit my 8th mile back at home at which point he met with Gatorade, GU and my inhaler.

I headed back out to the cold to pound out a couple more miles and hit my goal of 2 hours, 20 minutes and yup – I listened to a little VANILLA ICE ICE BABY to keep me going! What can I say, for my generation – it’s a “classic!”

I then called him when I hit my 10th mile and told him I’d be home in 20 minutes and in need of, as you might have guessed…

Yes, after running 12 1/2 miles for 2 hours and 20 minutes in 32 degree weather and wanting nothing more than to slink into the hot tub (at a toasty 104 degrees) I embraced my inner athlete (hiding these many years under a crafting, quilting, baby making momma) and jumped into a zero degree F ice bath. Shrieks and shrills filled the upstairs floor of our home as I slowly settled into the frigid waist deep waters in our tub. My very concerned almost 2 year old toddled up the stairs to peek in on his momma who was making all manner of silly and even distressing sounds just to make sure I was okay. He kept pointing up at the shower head saying “Take shower… take shower… momma – take shower.” He is so smart. I wonder what he must have thought about his crazy momma freezing in an icy tub when the warm shower he enjoys so much was right there!

“Alright stop – collaborate and listen…

Ice is back with a brand new invention!”

Yes, 1990 was “To The Extreme” for sure – just like me! HAHA!

Thank you for your continued support, donations and prayers while I train…


Ps… I will redeem myself in my next post with my complete playlist and would love to know what my fellow runners listen to as well!