using everything he gave me… this is my creative life to live.

Coupon Storage October 15, 2012

Are your coupons bulging from your purse, cupboards or drawers? 

Try this to tidy them up!

I started with a plain white tin which come in a variety of shapes and sizes from your local craft or office supply store.  I then applied some Making Memories craft paint, paper band with floral embellishment for an accent and a multitude of ribbons simply tied over the handle.  This now suits my kitchen counter quite well.  For the inside, simply use chipboard cut in the shape of a tabbed divider and painted to match the exterior of the can.  Create as many dividers as you need and ta-da!

My catagories range from favorite stores like Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Costco, Babies ‘R Us, Carters, Gymboree and Target to AMC theatres, my favorites spas (Elements and Mosaic) and even a Home Improvement section for the husband Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and Home Depot coupons. 

Now when I head to a store I can go right to the section I need and this makes filing the coupons I receive during the week a breeze!  Note – I used permanent marker to label my dividers so that I can simply apply some more brown paint and re-label them should I ever change my shopping habbits.  Have fun!


Just Between Friends March 25, 2012

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When my friends found out I was pregnant late fall of 2010 I was promptly invited to join them at the JustBetweenFriends sale the following spring to stock up on clothing, toys and furniture for the baby at amazing prices. JBF happens twice a year in our area and is a consignment sale of epic proportions.  I’ve since attended two more sales – but this weekend I volunteered to earn early entrance, getting a jump start on the shopping madness and it was well worth it! Here’s my haul from the Thursday presale:

1 Tickle Me Elmo

1 Baby’s First Year Silver Frame

1 Fisher Price Barnyard Bowling

1 Chuck the Truck

1 Fisher Price Learning Activity Table

1 Pair Black Dress Shoes

1 Pair Brown Casual Dress Shoes

1 Pair Black Sandals

6 Piece Knicker Suit (w/ suspenders, tie, hat and shoes)

4 Piece Suit (w/ tie)

1 Brown Plaid Hat

6 Pairs Fleece Jammies

2 Pairs Cotton Jammies

1 Jogger Suit

1 Elmo Button Up Shirt

2 Pairs of Cargo Shorts

2 Polo Shirts

1 Mickey Mouse Jungle Safari Short Set

1 Lizard Short Set

3 Onsies

2 Polo Style Onsies

1 Polo Shirt

3 Jumpers

3 Sweater Vest w/ Matching Button Up Shirts

1 Yellow Swim Shorts and Shirt

1 Hoodie Short Set

1 Sweatshirt

1 Sweater

1 Hoodie Short Set with Hat

1 Sweatshirt and Pants Set

1 Pair Pants

 Total Retail Value = $1,081 (I googled prices and brands just out of curiosity)


What did I pay you may be wondering???  DRUMROLL PLEASE….. $220


Amazing right!?!  And then…  Sunday is free admission and 1/2 Price on Most Items Day so before my volunteer shift began I did a little more shopping just to see what was left and found three great button up shirts, an alligator book, a V-Tech talking/remote control type dog and some darling shorts all for just another $25. 


JBF is amazing and I can say this first hand because I’ve now seen it from behind the scenes.  Breaking down the sale today was an eye opener as to how much work truly goes into putting this event together – run a smooth and efficient event and then… tear it down, sort it and return everything left over back to the consignors or to donation as some consignors choose to do.  The spirits were great from all staff, all volunteers and it was clean and organized.  Those of you who know me well know that I cannot handle disorganiztion or uncleanliness what so ever and JBF has my “stamp of approval” for whatever that’s worth.  I just wanted to share with you all about this great event.  Spread the news and look for a JBF event in your area! 


Thank you JBF for helping to keep my little Ethan so well dressed and afordably so!  You have a customer, a volunteer and one day a consignor – and for many years to come!!!


Three Day Weekends to the Rescue February 20, 2012

I Loooove three day weekends!  They are just the perfect length of time to do all the things I’d like each weekend.  It’s President’s Day today and aside from the “perfect storm” that was the latter part of Saturday this has been just an ideal weekend. 

Friday evening we tidied up the house, did laundry and enjoyed a great movie: Warrior

Saturdays are family day in our house.  We take Ethan swimming at the Y, go our for lunch and do what ever shopping needs to be done.  This weekend aside from our normal stop at Huckleberry’s to get organic fruits and vegies for Ethan and their AMAZING Chicken Artichoke Pasta Salad for us, we decided to take advantage of all the Presidents Day Sales around town.  This little momma has been spoiled with a new stainless steel microwave, stove and dishwasher (fridge yet to come) as well as a new leather sofa and finally… my dream come true… a new giant squishy leather rocking/recliner chair!  Oh how I’ve longed to have a big cozy rocking recliner in my tv room!  All in all our day was busy but pleasant – especially when we top it off with dessert at FroyoEarth “Cake Batter” yogurt covered in Butterfingers!  YUM!!!

So we made it home to relax and have some good food.  Saturday night was Ethan and Momma night as Papa had guys night to attend.  Cut to a PerfectStorm for the rest of this evening – oy!

Finally it’s Sunday!  I survived the “storm” that was Saturday night and have awoken after a long, warm and restfull slumber.  It’s 9am.  Feed Ethan Breakfast, eat my breakfast, prepare and freeze 3 lbs of taco meat, 2 pot roasts, 6 baconeggandcheesemcmuffins, 4 mini meat loafs, feed Ethan lunch, prepare 3 pans of greenchilisourcreamchickenenchiladas with roasted tomato and corn rice, 2 batches of homemade chili, pureed pears, pureed apples, cook dinner, bake Smore’sCookies for dessert and sit down to watch the CostaConcordiaDocumentary with my boys.  Whew – it’s now 9pm and I’m exhausted.  I’ll watch a little Celebrity Apprentice with David before hitting the sack. 

The brilliant part of all of this is I still have today.  A Monday with no work!  A day for momma to spend in her studio blogging, crafting, sewing, watching movies and playing with Ethan.  That is the beauty of the 3 day weekend.  A day to spend with the family.  A day to tend to a bunch of freezer meals for my boys.  And a day just for me in my studio.