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Three Day Weekends to the Rescue February 20, 2012

I Loooove three day weekends!  They are just the perfect length of time to do all the things I’d like each weekend.  It’s President’s Day today and aside from the “perfect storm” that was the latter part of Saturday this has been just an ideal weekend. 

Friday evening we tidied up the house, did laundry and enjoyed a great movie: Warrior

Saturdays are family day in our house.  We take Ethan swimming at the Y, go our for lunch and do what ever shopping needs to be done.  This weekend aside from our normal stop at Huckleberry’s to get organic fruits and vegies for Ethan and their AMAZING Chicken Artichoke Pasta Salad for us, we decided to take advantage of all the Presidents Day Sales around town.  This little momma has been spoiled with a new stainless steel microwave, stove and dishwasher (fridge yet to come) as well as a new leather sofa and finally… my dream come true… a new giant squishy leather rocking/recliner chair!  Oh how I’ve longed to have a big cozy rocking recliner in my tv room!  All in all our day was busy but pleasant – especially when we top it off with dessert at FroyoEarth “Cake Batter” yogurt covered in Butterfingers!  YUM!!!

So we made it home to relax and have some good food.  Saturday night was Ethan and Momma night as Papa had guys night to attend.  Cut to a PerfectStorm for the rest of this evening – oy!

Finally it’s Sunday!  I survived the “storm” that was Saturday night and have awoken after a long, warm and restfull slumber.  It’s 9am.  Feed Ethan Breakfast, eat my breakfast, prepare and freeze 3 lbs of taco meat, 2 pot roasts, 6 baconeggandcheesemcmuffins, 4 mini meat loafs, feed Ethan lunch, prepare 3 pans of greenchilisourcreamchickenenchiladas with roasted tomato and corn rice, 2 batches of homemade chili, pureed pears, pureed apples, cook dinner, bake Smore’sCookies for dessert and sit down to watch the CostaConcordiaDocumentary with my boys.  Whew – it’s now 9pm and I’m exhausted.  I’ll watch a little Celebrity Apprentice with David before hitting the sack. 

The brilliant part of all of this is I still have today.  A Monday with no work!  A day for momma to spend in her studio blogging, crafting, sewing, watching movies and playing with Ethan.  That is the beauty of the 3 day weekend.  A day to spend with the family.  A day to tend to a bunch of freezer meals for my boys.  And a day just for me in my studio.