using everything he gave me… this is my creative life to live.

Christmas at Grandma’s January 2, 2012

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Christmas Eve Morning

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Ethan hanging out with his buddy Miles…


One day these two boys will be men and they will change the world!


Waiting for Santa

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Waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve  

And so begins Ethan’s first Christmas tradition… waiting by the fireplace for Santa with his cookies.  I should have put his bottle nearby to represent cookies & milk but that idea just now came to me – bummer…  Next year!  I look forward to watching our little man grow up in front of our fire place as he waits for Santa each year.



Santa’s Little Helper… December 22, 2011

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How have we been so blessed with this perfect little baby,

who by the way poses without complaint while momma tries to figure out the settings on her new camera!

And at 6 months old, how does he know those presents need opening?  He gravitated right to tearing the paper off 🙂


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Our First Family Portraits… December 21, 2011

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Ethan did wonderful with his first Santa Clause photo shoot!  What a lovey!

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Christmas Cookies 2011… December 19, 2011

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Christmas Cookies 2011

Each year I bake up literally a TON of cookies to share at the office, with friends and family.  Two years ago I hit my record of 1260 cookies.  This year I almost doubled that hitting a grand total of 2000 cookies (22 varieties) for Christmas!  I started in late October, creating balls of cookie dough and freezing them in hopes of streamlining the baking process in December and it worked wonders!  I baked hundreds of cookies in just 3 evenings with this game plan and received rave reviews for my efforts.  It was so much fun!  Hmmm, how many should I aim for next year and what new and exciting delivery method will I come up with?  Time to start planning!

Stay tuned for a list of the types of cookies and recipes…