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All About Me December 9, 2011

Well here I am.  Crystal June Yurik is blogging.  Something I’ve wanted to do for so long but the days aren’t always quite long enough, are they?  Regardless-here I am.  A little something about me you ask?  That may very well be more than you bargained for but I’ll give it a shot. 
Until several years ago I was the terminally single girl.  All of my friends were married and most with children and growing families.  I was the tag along, the “why is that great girl still single?” girl – constantly looking for love (not always in the right places I admit) but looking nonetheless.  I often found myself in long-term, off and on, full of drama relationships that seemed to be headed nowhere.  Little did I know – they weren’t.  Everything, every person, every relationship and heartbreak, every experience good, bad and otherwise was all part of a grand design that only He could dream up for me. 
In my early twenties I so wanted to be a wife and mother with a family of my own.  I was most likely trying to overcompensate for my lack luster childhood but I wanted to be taken care of and loved.  I wanted it so badly that I wasn’t taking the time to know me.  So how could someone else truly know, understand and love me if I didn’t?  Thank God for His wisdom and guidance in seeing to it that I did not marry or start a family to early.  I was a wreck but slowly, with the rekindled blind faith of a child I began to listen.  I listened to the world around me and everything in it.  From the smallest breeze to great roar of a concert crowd.  I listened to my family and friends who cared so deeply for me and to strangers who leant a kind word my way or who in fact just needed someone to listen to them.  Most importantly I listened for the gentle whisper of the Spirit that has kept me safe these many years.  Who has guided me into a deep understanding of myself, who I was, who I wanted to be and who I now am.  I see now how everything is related, intentional and with purpose.  Life was and is not always easy to understand but I was and continue to be comforted to know that everything is connected and He is the nourishment our souls need to make our way through this amazing journey.  He taught me that I do not need to be taken care of or to search for love because I could take care of myself and was loved.
I spent my early-mid twenties and everyday since learning everything I could.  Most importantly – me.  What did I like, want and aspire to be?  How can I achieve those things?  How can I contribute to my family, friends and community?  What do I have to offer?  If I didn’t know something and I wanted to – I learned it.  Singing or Guitar?  Take lessons.  The bible?  Go to church, go to many different churches or join a study.  Cooking?  Go to cooking school.  Communication?  Take classes.  Speaking to crowds?  Teach or share what I love to others, start small.  Running?  Train for a marathon.  Get involved in the community?  Fundraise for a great cause.  And before I knew it – I knew me.  Not just me, but the version of me that God and my parents intended.  I hit my stride, literally.  I not only knew who I was and what I wanted but I knew what I deserved and what I wasn’t willing to put up with.  It’s amazing how if you lose yourself a little and put the greater good and good of others first, you end up finding yourself along the way.  I WAS FOUND!
A Reason, Season or a Lifetime:
So boys come and boys go…  some friends come and some go – if you are lucky some stay forever with us and make this journey so delightful.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet a kindred spirit – God sisters I call these dear friends of mine.  I have been blessed with several, and one in particular happened to work with a boy – a single boy…  Well, one blind date in 2006 and two years later we were married.  Now I know the reason for the long wait in finding ‘the one.’  We weren’t ready for each other yet.  We had to meet at that right time in each of our lives, that we could know what we wanted, give ourselves fully to the other and never wonder ‘what if?’  We were 31 when we married and at 34 we just had our first child.  Our beautiful son Ethan is the light of our lives, how did I EVER get along without him?
Scrapbook Entry 2004:
I am … a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a friend, aspiring to be a wife and mother, a Christian, a full-time retail manager, fun-loving, a photographer, a wannabe Executive Chef, a chick, a Montana Girl, owner of an adorable cocker spaniel, sassy,  a rock enthusiast, a scrap-a-holic, a realist, a goof ball, going home for Christmas, craving huckleberry pancakes right now, out-going, obsessive-compulsive, incredibly loyal, searching for true love, and definitely looking forward to the future… truly blessed.
Scrapbook Entry 2009:

I am … a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a friend, a WIFE!, aspiring to be a mother, a Christian, a full-time workaholic, fun-loving, a photographer, an Executive Chef (in my kitchen that is), a chick, a Montana Girl, owner of two adorable miniature pinschers, sassy, a rock enthusiast, a motorcycle mama, addicted to scrapbooking, a beginning quilter, a lover, a fighter, a goof ball, going home for a visit soon, still craving huckleberry pancakes, out-going, a little OCD – okay, maybe a lot OCD, incredibly loyal, searching for truth, love, life, beauty and definitely looking forward to the future…   truly blessed.

First Blog Post – December 9, 2011:
I am… a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a friend, a WIFE! a MOTHER!!!, a Christian, grateful for my amazing job, fun-loving, Master Chef of my kitchen (I promoted myself!), a baker, a chick, a small town Montana Girl living in the “big” city, owner of two darling and energetic miniature pinschers, SASSY but SWEET, a music enthusiast, addicted to creating anything and everything I can, an intermediate quilter, a lover, an optimast, a goof, STILL CRAVING HUCKLEBERRY PANCAKES (when am I not!?!), a little OCD – okay, maybe a lot OCD, incredibly loyal, searching for truth, love, life, beauty and definitely looking forward to the future, amazed when I look into my baby boy’s eyes…   truly blessed.
To share.  Share stories, photos, recipes, ideas, a kind word…  I hope to maybe light a candle for someone in the dark as maybe I had once been or inspire you to throw a holiday party or just make you smile or laugh.  Welcome to my little corner of the web.  Thanks for stopping by…  Visit again soon!

One Response to “All About Me”

  1. Tracie Oergel Says:

    Great first entry! I plan to visit often 🙂 Welcome (back) to blogging! Thank you for inviting me into your “little corner of the web”. I’m so blessed to have you as a friend! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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