using everything he gave me… this is my creative life to live.

26.2: A Tale of Two Treadmills April 8, 2013

I won a treadmill my first season. It was gently used and one of my teammates raffled it off at a fundraiser and wouldn’t you know – I won! It was a great little treadmill that served me well in the winter months during my second season. When we moved we got rid of it – too big and heavy to pack. Once we seltted into our new home and set up our gym area in the garage we purchased a new one that has been a great tool in my early training so far this season. I use it in a pinch for shorter runs when I can’t get my run in before dark, until today that is.


Our beautiful weather of late has passed and I woke up to quite a bit of rain and wind yesterday and today. I grabbed Tyson and headed out a dedicated little runner this morning but we only made it a half a mile out before turning around. We walked back into the house soaking wet and David just chuckled (as thought he expected me any minute). Tyson was miserable out there – he usually leads the charge but he kept dragging behind me. I was cold with feet already soaked so to the treadmill I went. I logged just over 10 miles in 120 minutes on the treadmill with the garage doors open and a good show on the iPad. The cool air felt great and 3 episodes of Parenthood kept me entertained for such a long run on in one spot. I had a great run but can’t wait to get back out on the open road!


Thank you for your continued support, donations and prayers while I train…



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