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Shrimp/Kipper Graduate March 28, 2012

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Yes, I’m a proud momma!  Our little guy did so wonderful in this four week series.  We sang, splashed, danced, bounced, tried to learn blowing bubbles (while not drinking the pool-that will take some time still) and we even rocked that water slide too!

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I grew up afraid of the water, not 100% sure why but I attribute it to my childhood obsession with sharks.  Yes, I am a child of the JAWS era-LOL!  I actaully am more afraid of the heights than the water.  When floating on the surface it’s a long ways to the bottom… and in the lake – you can’t even see the bottom!  I too take private swim lessons and am proud to report that I can now swim under water and jump in the without holding my nose!  It’s a miracle!  These lessons are step one in preparation for a triathalon that I intend to rock within the next two years!  The running is no problem, the biking I’ll figure out (another thing I don’t love cause I’m elevated from the ground-haha) but the swimming I will continue to master thanks to a great swim coach!


First Hair Cut – Poor Momma March 26, 2012

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Yes – if this were to be a headline in the newspaper it would read:


Child’s First Hair Cut Traumatized Mother!”


You see, I had been putting off cutting Ethan’s hair.  I looove his baby hair.  It’s thick and lush and furry around his ears.  He is just too cute. 

And everyone warns “when you cut his hair he’ll look so much older…”  I kept telling my husband and our friends this who would often proclaim – “Geesh, it’s time to cut that hair!”  I was all to content to let it grow and grow, he was going to be my little surfer dude.  But then a couple Saturday mornings back as I kept sweeping his hair out of his eyes so that he could see I realized I may have let go of some of his golden locks. Off to the salon we went.  Maybe I could part with some of his hair but I certainly would not be the one to do it!  That’s way to much pressure for me.  So we called on a professional to help us through this first hair cut process. 

We really only intended for a trim but Ethan truly is the most patient and adaptable little guy.  The stylist was able to give him a full on cut and the hair just kept falling!  I held Ethan in my lap with him facing me for the big event.  Daddy was on photographer duty.  A tough job since we were moving around so much! 

This experience really is testament to the fact that our little man is such an easy-going baby.  He didn’t mind a bit.  Not like his momma – I cried almost the entire time.  I can’t even say that I really know why except at one particular moment that is:





At one point Ethan glanced at Ehtan and I swear I was holding the 1-year-old version of my husband.  Having scrapbooked all of David’s childhood photos Ihad a flash back to his baby pictures and just started crying. What a surreal moment – sitting in the barber chair, holding my baby that I could have sworn had morphed into my husband!  I always said before I was pregnant that I hoped God would bless me with a beautiful little toe head like his papa!  Thanks be to God, I got one!


Here is David getting his hair cut at age 3.



Well, I survived the 1st haircut ordeal and was so excited to see my little guy sporting his new do:


 Ethan – 8 Months Old – Feb 2012


Just Between Friends March 25, 2012

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When my friends found out I was pregnant late fall of 2010 I was promptly invited to join them at the JustBetweenFriends sale the following spring to stock up on clothing, toys and furniture for the baby at amazing prices. JBF happens twice a year in our area and is a consignment sale of epic proportions.  I’ve since attended two more sales – but this weekend I volunteered to earn early entrance, getting a jump start on the shopping madness and it was well worth it! Here’s my haul from the Thursday presale:

1 Tickle Me Elmo

1 Baby’s First Year Silver Frame

1 Fisher Price Barnyard Bowling

1 Chuck the Truck

1 Fisher Price Learning Activity Table

1 Pair Black Dress Shoes

1 Pair Brown Casual Dress Shoes

1 Pair Black Sandals

6 Piece Knicker Suit (w/ suspenders, tie, hat and shoes)

4 Piece Suit (w/ tie)

1 Brown Plaid Hat

6 Pairs Fleece Jammies

2 Pairs Cotton Jammies

1 Jogger Suit

1 Elmo Button Up Shirt

2 Pairs of Cargo Shorts

2 Polo Shirts

1 Mickey Mouse Jungle Safari Short Set

1 Lizard Short Set

3 Onsies

2 Polo Style Onsies

1 Polo Shirt

3 Jumpers

3 Sweater Vest w/ Matching Button Up Shirts

1 Yellow Swim Shorts and Shirt

1 Hoodie Short Set

1 Sweatshirt

1 Sweater

1 Hoodie Short Set with Hat

1 Sweatshirt and Pants Set

1 Pair Pants

 Total Retail Value = $1,081 (I googled prices and brands just out of curiosity)


What did I pay you may be wondering???  DRUMROLL PLEASE….. $220


Amazing right!?!  And then…  Sunday is free admission and 1/2 Price on Most Items Day so before my volunteer shift began I did a little more shopping just to see what was left and found three great button up shirts, an alligator book, a V-Tech talking/remote control type dog and some darling shorts all for just another $25. 


JBF is amazing and I can say this first hand because I’ve now seen it from behind the scenes.  Breaking down the sale today was an eye opener as to how much work truly goes into putting this event together – run a smooth and efficient event and then… tear it down, sort it and return everything left over back to the consignors or to donation as some consignors choose to do.  The spirits were great from all staff, all volunteers and it was clean and organized.  Those of you who know me well know that I cannot handle disorganiztion or uncleanliness what so ever and JBF has my “stamp of approval” for whatever that’s worth.  I just wanted to share with you all about this great event.  Spread the news and look for a JBF event in your area! 


Thank you JBF for helping to keep my little Ethan so well dressed and afordably so!  You have a customer, a volunteer and one day a consignor – and for many years to come!!!


St “Peppermint” Patties Chocolate Mint Brownies March 16, 2012

Our favorite Irish holiday is fast upon us which inspired me to hit the kitchen after devouring one of my favorite treats… peppermint patties.  Shortly thereafter I made a new discovery in the bakingisle that I just had to test out.  I hope you enjoy my quick and easy recipe just in time to make some gooey St Patricks Day treats!


You’ll Need:

1 Box of Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix

1 bag of Parsons Peppermint Patties (my personal preference)

1 Can of Duncan Hines Frosting Starter (Brilliant!)

1 Duncan Hines Chocolate Mint FrostingCreations Packet


Now grab your favorite brownie pan – my go to pan is the PerfectBrownie pan, especially for gooey creations such as these!



Chop up 17 peppermint patties and set aside.  Mix brownie mix as directed by the package.  Gently stir in the peppermint patties pieces and bake according to the directions on the brownie mix for the pan you have selected.  You may need to add 3-5 minutes to baking time due to the addition of the patties.  Remove from oven and allow to cool completely before cutting and removing from pan.

Stir frosting packet into frosting starter as directed by packaging and top each brownie with a a healthy dollop using a 1″ cookie scoop.  Use remaining patties and top off each brownie as shown above.   Refridgerate to set brownie and frosting.  Enjoy and remember – calories don’t count on holidays!!!           






Swimming Lessons with my Little Man March 14, 2012

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