using everything he gave me… this is my creative life to live.

Air Tight Candy Storage – Colorful Too! February 21, 2012

I came up with these about two years ago, originally to sneak a bottle into the movie theatre… shhhh! don’t tell on me!  Number 1, I hate the sound of rustling bags in a quite theatre and Number 2 – movie candy = “CHA-CHING!”

Since I started doing this I’ve added all kinds of flavors to my movie wall including Mike & Ikes, Mentos, Golfish and even Sour Patch Kids.  The SPK don’t come out super easy but they are colorful and they stay fresh, soft and chewy!  Today I added my long lost love – Skittles!  Just thought I would share this fun tip!

Now hit the dollar store and load up on candy!


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