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Scrapbook Room Makeover January 29, 2012

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Inspiration hit and the whirlwind that was this weekend has come to a close.  I’m exhuasted…  having run several marathons I can tell you it feels as though I spent all weekend running one, every muscle aches but it was all so worth it!

I decided it was time to breathe new life into my studio – while it was lovely to begin with I just needed a change and boy did I get it.  I started Saturday at 11 am, worked until 3:30am before crashing for 6 hours and jumped right back in.  I just finished – Sunday at 8pm.  Pictures include before, during and after pictures.  Thank God for my happy space that I share with my dearest friends and even my little man Ethan has his own craft table and supplies!   Now its time to get scrapping!

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Abominable Snow Baby Sighting! January 23, 2012

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One S’mores Cookie Recipe, Three Adaptations

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I recently blogged about a S’mores recipe I came across that were DELISH! but I just knew they needed the one ingredient I grew up on and of course, I even put it on my s’mores by the campfire as a child.  All hail JIF!  So a big shout out to Amber@SprinkledwithFlour for sharing her recipe, inspiring me to add a PB Twist and allowing me to get in touch with twelve-year old me, warming my snowy weekend with plates full of warm cookies!  In the adaptations below I’ve added one main ingredient – the graham cracker and changed them up with peanut butter or caramel…  The base recipe is the same as shown in the link above except the changes noted below AND – I ALWAYS use DARK BROWN SUGAR!  I never even buy regular, dark is just too delicious and gives my cookies the extra umph I’m always looking for.

Adaptation #1 – The Caramel Hypothesis: When my husband first tried the original recipe last weekend he loved them but also said “mmm, I bet these would be great with caramel in them!”  A collegue at work wondered the same thing and mentioned Ghirardelli Caramel Squares.  I thought maybe a layer of milk chocolatey and caramel goodness would be magical for them both…  While they were yummy I did discover that the caramel has a tendency to explode in the oven a bit.  If you filled the pan with a solid layer of graham crackers and wanted to spend a small fortune on the good stuff (Ghirardelli Squares) then I bet they would be less messy when baking…

 Adaptation #2 – The Peanut Butter Permeation: I thought I’d try adding PB in two ways to be thorough in my research.  First I mixed it directly into the cookie dough creating a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie base with marshmallows and hershey bar added on top as the recipe states.  It gave it a more peanut butter cookie texture with a little crumbly action and was fine but I knew it wasn’t quite living up to it’s full potential.  My stroke of brilliance came when I spread the PB in a hearty layer on a graham cracker square, added my scoop of cookie dough then added marshmallow and hershey bar as the recipe calls for.  YUM!!!

Adaptation #3 – The Stay Puft Stratum Innovation: And the winner is…  ahhh yes…  the cookie with a layer of marshmallows on top of the peanut buttery goodness!  I prefer this version for it’s simplicity – now there is only ingredient to add 4 minutes from the timer buzzing (Hershey) but am torn because I love the look of the of the toasted marshmallows baked into the top of the cookie and I also love the look of the marshmallows barely reaching the surface of the cookie when a layer of them is added on top of the PB.  I’ll probably just continue to make them both ways from here on out! 

So there you have it, it’s like Nutter Butters and S’mores met and had a gooey little love child for all to enjoy!  Remember to have a glass of ice cold milk on standby!  Happy Dunking!


S’mores Cookies January 16, 2012

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 Yummy S’mores Cookies are a Big Hit!

 I came across this recipe recently and just knew I had to try it sometime.  After battling several weeks of illness in our household I decided we deserved a treat after our Sunday family dinner tonight (resolution alert!).  I prepared them exactly as the recipe states, but stay tuned…  I have some twists coming as while these were magnificent – I remember S’mores just a bit different growing up so I will be putting the Yurik spin on the recipe in the near future.   

 Now get baking and don’t forget a tall glass of MILK!


A New Year… 2012 January 2, 2012

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I have survived the holidays!  Survived probably isn’t the right word because I LOVE the holidays.  It is my time of year where everything around me glitters and I shine!  When I packed up Christmas yesterday (an all day event in our house) I was a little saddened as things seem plainer now without all the trees and lights.  My reward for my hard work though is the New Year! 

And so comes to mind the tradition of making RESOLUTIONS.  It’s hard to resist the opportunity of a new beginning, to leave the past behind and put the worries of the last year to bed.  Who gets to determine when the old ends and the new begins?  Is it a day on a calendar, a birthday, or a new year?  I think its an event.  Any event, big or small.  Something that changes you and ideally gives you hope.  A new way of looking at the world, of looking in the mirror even.  Letting go of bad habbits (bye-bye Christmas cookies!) and even old memories…  It’s up to each of us to take on the task of letting go and moving forward, but I for one love to make resolutions upon the dawning of the new year.  Sure I might break them but what is the harm in setting a goal and going for it?

I guess what’s important is that we never stop believing that we can always have a new beginning and that amidst all of the chaos, there are always a few things worth working towards.


My 2012 Resolutions



1) Hit a PB (personal best) at this year’s Bloomsday Race!

2) Lose 10 lbs.  I hit my pre-pregnancy weight four months after delivery but I was 10 lbs to heavy in my book when we conceived.  Time to tone it back up!

3) Be active every day!  This doesn’t mean I hit the treadmill for an hour run every day but at least be active in some manner…  Maybe walking with the girls at lunch, or with my family after work, working out, taking 8 flights of stairs instead of the elevators at the office, dance party with my baby, dance party on our xbox kinnect, or even my house cleaning regimend on Thursday nights – it’s intense so it counts!

4) Train for Disneyland Half Marathon on September 2, 2012  (hubby won’t allow full marathons any more – they tear me up!)  I’ve currently run 2 fulls, 2 halfs and 12 other area races such as Bloomsday, Cherry Pickers Trot and Spring Dash and am looking to add to the list!

Other Goals for 2012

1) Family Night on Wednesdays – before we had Ethan we tried to make sure to set a night aside during the week to spend together as a couple.  It’s easy to get caught up in the busy ins and outs of each day and lose sight of each other week after week.  Especially me, as I always have 5,000,000 things on my list of stuff I’d like to do.  Now that we have Ethan – it’s family night! 

2) Date Night – Once a Month – it’s hard to get away just the two of us but it’s so important to make sure we have time for just the two of us.  We’ll take turns planning date night, arranging for Grandma’s, Grandpa’s or Mi-Ma’s to sit and hit the town.

3) Spend Less – Much Less!  It’s been a spendy year for us gearing up for baby, then his 15 days in the NICU and all of the normal spending we have month to month…  Time to stop spending, replenish, save and plan for Baby Yurik #2 to come in the near future we hope.

4) Travel – I want to give Ethan trips and memories that we weren’t able to do when I was a child.  I’m thinking a series of mini adventures, our Disneyland adventure late summer and maybe Hawaii in the winter sometime.  We’ll have to see what time and spending less this will allow us to do.

5) Sunday Dinners – I’d like to start always having family meal at the table each week.  I know Ethan is young but we are still in the habit of eating in front of the tv most nights and I want him to grow up knowing our fmaily will meet around the dinner table to discuss the day and share our joys together as a family, and most importantly to give thanks to God for all we have.


God, David, Ethan, Family, Friends and Work


Lord, bless us all as we embark upon 2012.  Another year is fast upon us and as we praise thee with much gratitude for the many blessings of last year and all those before it… for the health of our children and families, for the love and friendships we sometimes take for granted and for so much more.  We look to thee to guide us forward with brave spirits and couragoues faith as we march forward.  Keep us all Lord, in thy warm blanket of love and protection.  Bless us that we will always be mindful of your great presence in our lives.   In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Christmas at Grandma’s

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My Delight

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Around us is blurry but this photo encaptures everything I feel. 

Ethan and I are in focus here as we are every day. 

I could snuggle on this little love  of mine all day, every day…

…he is my true delight.